Durable Copy
for Windows

Durable Copy can copy files which have damaged sectors.

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Durable Copy Description

Editor: Durable Copy is specially created to copy files which contain unreadable sectors as well as to copy files by unstable connections.

Key features:

1. Can read most part of data from those files which contain damaged sectors;
2. Can unite identical files which were damaged in different places, and produce one entirely good file;
3. Can automatically recover copy process after connection with remote computer became unavailable temporarily, and then available again (for example, wireless and VPN connections).

Some possible cases of use the Durable Copy:


You have got a CD or DVD with a certain interesting movie. You would like to See This movie but can not realize this because your disc contains unreadable sectors. At that, your computer either reads this disc not properly or can not read some sectors in it only. At a time when Broken sectors draw near, then Depiction begins to be very unsteady. Surely, your pleasure from viewing the movie disappears. You wish you were able to copy this movie to hard disk of your computer and to see it from there but some files somewhere in the Middle of this disc may be unreadable at all. In this case the Durable Copy will solve this problem finely. So you will can see this movie!
2.You have got backup copies of your important files but a certain part of your archives is unreadable. Moreover, all programs which usually work with broken files well refuse to work with your backup copies now because these files are physically damaged. The Durable Copy can help you because it is designed for reading physically damaged files precisely. So you will get your files!
3.If you have got one more duplicate of original file and it contains broken sectors in another places, then you should repeat the copy procedure over a file had been copied already. The program can offer you not to copy an entire file but instead of it to replace broken sectors only.

Durable Copy Screenshots

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What's New in Durable Copy 3.8.1

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Durable Copy Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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